Love Romance Self-Care Kit Set
Love Romance Self-Care Kit Set
Untethered Crystals

Love Romance Self-Care Kit Set

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This listing is for one Self-Care Crystal Kit for Love and Romance.

The set will include:

-1 Rose Quartz crystal
-1 Green Aventurine crystal
-1 Pink Tourmaline crystal
-1 Pink Mangano Calcite
-1 pouch
-I Cedar Stick
-I card with crystal properties

Note: I have a few sets of these up, the crystals you receive will be the same type, but might have minor natural differences.

These tumbled crystals are great to carry with you to draw more love and passion into your life. They are perfect to place on your Heart Chakra during meditation. They will arrive cleansed and charged, but if you would like to re-cleanse them at a later date, you can use the Cedar smudge stick to do so.

I am a Usui Reiki Master will cleanse, infuse, and charge the crystals with healing Reiki energy and intention. If you would rather me not charge your crystals, let me know and I will let you do so yourself.

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